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Sanoma vs. GeenStijl: Sanoma to face the music

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On 15 September 2011, Sanoma reported via its website nu.nl that the government had published the million note on an unsecured website. The document was hidden, but not secured and was therefore accessible to everyone. Sanoma placed a hyperlink on its website to this information not yet intended for publication.

Apparently, Sanoma believes that only her journalistic privilege is due to her. Less than two months later, Sanoma uses a hyperlink by GeenStijl to make available nude photographs of Britt Dekkers not intended for publication, namely as unauthorized. By letter of 7 November 2011, the lawyer of Sanoma GeenStijl requests that the hyperlinks and thus the access to the photos be removed. When GeenStijl does not comply with this summons, Sanoma starts a legal procedure against GeenStijl, in which it inter alia demands compensation. As an excuse for her trial in court, Sanoma states that GeenStijl has published the nude photos (via hyperlinks) and has reproduced them without permission from the copyright holder.

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