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Gaspedaal versus Autotrack

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Search site Gaspedaal.nl infringes the database of competitor Autotrack.nl. The Hague Court of Appeal recently ruled that. Accelerator pedal may no longer place advertisements. The verdict has far-reaching consequences for other search sites. Accelerator Pedal compiles a database of tens of thousands of car advertisements coming from other sites. That is, however, an infringement of the database rights of the competitor, according to the Court. An explanation.

Many companies invest a lot of money and energy in collecting and sorting data. Just think of a website like funda.nl, which maintains a database of almost all available houses on the market. When collecting and arranging this takes place in such a form that it creates an archive that is designed for flexible consultation of data, then we speak of a database.

Until the beginning of the 21st century it was not possible to legally protect a database as such. First in the year 1999, the arrival of the Databankenwet changed.

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