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Lawfirm &ACT is a trusted advisor of both established and many start-up companies. &ACT is your specialist in the field of communication, privacy and / or intellectual property rights. Within those jurisdictions, &ACT fights for a just and honest society. &ACT defends your interests and, where necessary, the general interest.

Sil Kingma has worked as an independent lawyer affiliated with &ACT since the 1st of March 2018. He has a great sense of justice, which means he could not but become a lawyer. Has as much, if not more, heart for man and for the cause. Because of his passion for conjuring with words, also called creative writing, is the best accountant among the lawyers. Is, because of his sense of language, also called a poet among the lawyers. This does not mean, however, that he is shunning a performance in court.

He believes in the creed “to understand an entrepreneur, you have to be an entrepreneur yourself”. That is why he has been a self-employed lawyer within &ACT. Helps companies protect and, where possible, increase the value of their IP rights. He feels himself at home on the floodplains of ICT and privacy law.

Philosophy &ACT

We are a law firm with an allergy to injustice. We fight for a just and honest society. We are working hard for your business. In addition, we initiate matters that we believe deserve attention and a judicial process. We defend your interests and, where necessary, the public interest.

Specialisms &ACT

We defend fundamental rights. In addition, our special attention goes to privacy, press, intellectual property and IT law. Within these jurisdictions we have extensive consulting and process experience. We are the trusted adviser to many international companies (such as Nike, TP Vision, Canon, Capgemini) and many national companies (such as Holiday discounter, Studio Roosegaarde and Facturis).

Class Actions &ACT

One of the pillars of the services of &ACT are class actions, or in Dutch collective actions, with a social impact and commitment. In addition, &ACT represents the interests of interest groups and ideal organizations. For example, &ACT is involved in proceedings against the State of the Netherlands in which a private fireworks ban is required.

Cases &ACT

In summary proceedings a usernet hosting provider in a procedure in which Brain, on the basis of the Lycos-Pessers doctrine, demands information from the NAW.

One of the first and only to successfully paralyze an investigation by the Dutch Data Protection Authority into a hack.

Enforced Court proceedings in which a prohibition is demanded on the publication of a book containing portraits and interviews.

Conducts pioneering procedures against the tax authorities from a privacy law perspective, about the scope of its authority to request third parties to provide information about taxpayers.

Lawfirm name &ACT

If necessary, by means of procedures and class actions we hope to change existing legislation or even enforce new legislation. This immediately explains our name &ACT or “enact”: To put something into actions; especially to make something law.

To put something into actions; especially to make something law

Compliance is answering to applicable laws and regulations. For companies and organizations it is very important that they work in accordance with the applicable rules in their sector. Not only to prevent the risk of enforcement and fines from regulators, but also because compliance offers an advantage in commercial terms. The compliance work of &ACT has a special focus on privacy and the protection of personal data, consumer and competition law.

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