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Fake News

From Russia, fake news tries to influence Dutch public opinion, Minister Ollongren of Home Affairs writes in a letter to the House of Representatives. “The Netherlands is in the sights of the Russian intelligence services, among other things,” writes the D66 minister. She calls the spread of fake news a danger for the Netherlands. Ollongren… Keep Reading


What’s in a name?

He has worked there since 1958. In 2008 he was fired. The director of the French railway company SNCF. Unjustly according to him. Rightly according to the French judges and the ECtHR. All this because he had porn and false certificates on his computer. Keep Reading


AFM provokes privacy violation

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) imposed a cease and desist order on Capital Corporation on January 24, 2018, as can be read on its website. Capital Force also acts under the name Zoomtrader.com via the website zoomtrader.com. Keep Reading



You are and remain
the most important
to us.
Our core business.
You deserve our full,
continuous attention
and commitment.



We remain critical.
On society, on the
established order
(including politics),
on companies,
and last but not least,
on ourselves.



Litigation requires guts.
Dare to take a position.
Represent a strong
Even if it goes against
public opinion or
the established order.

General/Reporting Duty

#MeToo on the work floor

How to deal with reports of abuses? MeToo is perhaps the most talked about social movement of the past year. Time magazine chose the people who speak out against sexual abuse to Person of the Year. Abuses occur in many forms on the work floor. Although organizations generally strive to promote an atmosphere of openness,… Keep Reading


Your mother’s favorite movie

Many companies offer you the possibility of creating an online account. This has the great advantage that you only have to enter your data once. In addition, the creation of an account often yields additional benefits such as received discounts. Keep Reading


Commentary on the case Brein versus ING

Recently Stichting Brein asked the court to order ING to provide the name and address details of authorized representatives on a certain account number held with ING. Brain has become familiar with the account number because it is referred to on a website of FTD World, the alleged infringing party. For a full explanation of… Keep Reading

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